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Anonymous asked:

Why do you think a child is on your blog, I'll have you know I am probably twice your age and a lot more developed in maturity. if anything the only one acting childish is you. No one cares about awards or shit because Justin Bieber won awards and he is fucked up and so are his fans. Just saying. stop thinking your fandom is so fucking precious, because it's not. You are making a bad name for all VM fans out there, stop ruining it for us.


Well, it could be your incoherent run-on sentences and poor grammar, but that’s just a guess.

Stop. Ruining. WHAT. For. Us?


1.  You have invaded my Ask box with hate four times now.
2.  I have smacked you down each time, without ever feeling a need to publish hate to the tag.
3.  Hence, only my personal followers can see my responses.
4.  Despite being in the wrong, you don’t know how to slink away with your tail between your legs.  You’re a REBEL, and you’re going to show me, with your poor spelling and misogynistic slurs.
5.  And I’m the one who is acting childish?

Get a grip on your persecution complex.  And for the last time, stay out of my Ask box.  I will not be responding to anything else, because my followers deserve better.  


He looked back out at the ocean. “Do you want to know why I left?”

"Yes," she said softly.

Logan kept his head facing forward as he spoke. “I left because all I’ve been doing for the last year is thinking about you. I needed a new hobby.”

Veronica’s heart leapt at his admission, but she fought to keep her voice steady. “Where did you go?”


Africa? Wow. What did you do there?”

Logan looked at her. “I thought about you.”

Knowing the Difference by vmsteenbeans

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